Two Types of Christian Universal Salvation / Reconciliation.

I thought I would give a concise, thorough reasoning for universal salvation for those would like to get the jist of it without reading hundreds of pages of scholarly works. There are basically two main ways to believe in Universal Salvation / Reconciliation in relation to heaven and hell; to use the elementary reasoning and … More Two Types of Christian Universal Salvation / Reconciliation.

Think about it…

I’m not being condescending; I just really don’t believe most people really think about what they believe. The just take for granted that it’s true either because most believe it or they trust the institution or person that told them it was true. So, they just don’t see the need, or take the time to … More Think about it…

One Sunday at Lunch – A Modern Parable

    One Sunday While Eating Lunch A group wearing their Sunday best is sitting around the table joyfully chatting. Their conversation seemed to have an unusually delightful air about it rising above all the rest in the room. It’s their traditional gathering after Church at the local restaurant which has a big crowd on Sundays, especially church-goers … More One Sunday at Lunch – A Modern Parable

Saving our world

“SAVING ARWERLD” There was a small young boy named Arwerld who had a bad habit of eating or at least tasting “everything” that he found. Anywhere he went he would sneak off and look under the sink or cabinets for containers of household cleaners, insecticides, glue, paint, you name it. Arwerld seemed to have a … More Saving our world


From the Spirit this morning I heard “Light and faith work the same way”. Then the Spirit reminded me of what Jesus said about a mustard seed of faith. “And the Lord said, If ye had faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye might say unto this sycamine tree, Be thou plucked up by … More LIGHT AND FAITH

Trusting and Unmoving – Hannah Whitall Smith

The names Jehovah-shammah and Emmanuel mean the same thing. They mean that God is everywhere present in His universe, surrounding everything, sustaining everything, and holding all of us in His safe and blessed keeping. It will help you if you will put your trust into words. Say, “God is my dwelling place, and I am … More Trusting and Unmoving – Hannah Whitall Smith