Two Types of Christian Universal Salvation / Reconciliation.

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I thought I would give a concise, thorough reasoning for universal salvation for those would like to get the jist of it without reading hundreds of pages of scholarly works.

There are basically two main ways to believe in Universal Salvation / Reconciliation in relation to heaven and hell; to use the elementary reasoning and terminology  of our condition in the afterlife.

One believes there is no hell or consequences or correction awaiting anyone after death for how they live. Most of these would say because of the completed work of Christ in his cross, death and resurrection no punishment awaits anyone. Some others, anyone who has faith in Christ is released from any judgment because of their faith. Nevertheless one should call to mind that the scriptures make clear that all will be judged; believers and nonbelievers alike, although in different circumstances for different reasons. Some of this persuasion believe we receive our ‘hell’ on earth; while other believer it’s only natural consequences of our decisions…

While there is another view of Universal Salvation / Reconciliation which would be better termed Restorationist; who would say yes God is Victorious through Christ in Saving the World (all people). Nevertheless, there will be consequences to our lifestyle and deeds here in this life which will be Judged resulting in a type of Hell (The fires of God’s restorative Love) in the next life but not forever (As the Greek doesn’t mean forever). Also this Hell is not for  punishment just for the purpose of inflicting pain and suffering; but has a righteous purpose of restoration through purification and correction by suffering caused by a real encounter with God in that realm which is unbearable from that side; in which, the red hot Love of God cannot be resisted forever. While I respect the faith and understanding of those who believe the former view; I would agree with the latter view I have given here.

abe lincoln enemies friendsSomeone told Abraham Lincoln once during the civil war, “you love your enemies too much” to which he replied, “Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?” This is what God is doing in hell; yes God is in hell doing good works as always in Christ Jesus and will continue until the final victory over evil and every soul is won of their own free will; when “God will be all in all” 1 Cor. 15:25-26 Eph. 1:23, 4:10 Phil. 3:21. God is “overcoming evil with good” and love irresistible. Jesus said he would draw (Drag irresistibly) ALL to himself… John 12:32 Of course just as today, this is all accomplished by the work of the Holy Spirit. When The Love of God is completed in each and every soul; the liars will not lie anymore, the killers will not kill anymore, the perverted will not be perverted any longer and so on. Now ask yourself, doesn’t that make much more sense, and agree more with the revelation of God in the scriptures, than Eternal suffering unimaginable pain for millions, billions, trillions of years and your just getting started – for no purpose other than the pain and suffering? There is not a hint in all the scriptures as to a plan, purpose, or reason for inflicting, allowing, or judging such an unthinkable eternal fate or state on any human being; wicked spirit beings, yes, people, no not one.

So to answer a question about Universal Salvation that comes up often and you may have on your mind – “NO” There will not be murderers, thieves, rapist, perverts, and crooks in heaven! God Forbid! They will have been transformed by the purifying fires of the love of God (According to Jesus; not a pleasant experience on that side, and something to be avoided at all cost)  Just as we have been changed since we intered a relationship with The Lord by the Spirit to a degree in this life through the Grace and Mercy of God; The Grace and Mercy of God continues to work in all realms and Never ends! Psalms 136. Hallelujah!

Peace, Grace, and Love, to All,

Dennis D. Caldwell


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